Assessing cultural fit: necessity or a block to diversity?

A while back, I was on a train listening to the conversation of the people immediately behind me. Yes, if you have to talk that loudly, of course I’m going to eavesdrop! Apparently their organisation had called in a marketing company to do a re-branding exercise. As part of getting to know what made the … Continued

What’s missing from most job application packs?

You want to attract the best possible candidates for your vacancy.  You’ve prepared a detailed job description and person specification.  You’ve put together an attractive reward and benefits package.  You’ve included information about the organisation, its strategic vision, culture and achievements (or have this information easily accessible on the company website).  You’ve highlighted the exciting … Continued

Is the fear of an unfair dismissal claim holding back your business?

At the beginning of this month, the government increased the qualifying period for employee protection from unfair dismissal from one year to two years.  Among the Chancellor George Osborne’s justifications for this, the one that most caught my attention was his comment that employers can’t afford to take on unemployed people because ‘they fear they … Continued

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