I’ve done the training – what’s next?

A long time ago, when I was in my first supervisory position, I reported to a man called Eric. He had a command and control approach to management that had served him well for years and was typical of the time, the area and the organisation. I quickly learned that he expected the same from … Continued

Management clichés: ‘People are our greatest asset’

This particular cliché is often used in the belief that it demonstrates to employees how much they are valued.  The truth behind its sentiment however is often debatable, and people are not usually taken in for long by nice words if they are not matched by appropriate action. If we look at the definition of … Continued

Do senior managers really know the concerns of employees and customers?

There are times when a television programme can give you ideas to help improve the way you work.  One show that consistently delivers a useful message is Undercover Boss, which originated in the UK on Channel Four and has now been rolled out to many other countries.   Each episode follows a senior executive working undercover in … Continued

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