I’ve done the training – what’s next?

A long time ago, when I was in my first supervisory position, I reported to a man called Eric. He had a command and control approach to management that had served him well for years and was typical of the time, the area and the organisation. I quickly learned that he expected the same from … Continued

Should managers worry about what others think of them?

I’ve a confession to make. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been obsessing about how I come across to other people. At times it’s felt like a return to adolescence, when I worried endlessly about whether I’d been noticed by those I most wanted to impress, or if in fact they were sniggering behind my … Continued

The latest MBA: Management by App

One of things I’ve discovered since I started blogging and tweeting is how much I enjoy reading what other people have to say for themselves. One of the sites I regularly visit is Inc. – it’s guaranteed to provide something of interest and I frequently tweet links to their articles. For me, the best kind … Continued

Half-baked managers fail to pass on their skills

Let me start by confessing how much I enjoy food.  I enjoy watching programmes about it, reading about it, anticipating it, cooking it and yes, I love eating it.  So, it was inevitable that sooner or later food would somehow creep into my writing about management. Two food-related things happened recently that got me thinking … Continued

What’s missing from most job application packs?

You want to attract the best possible candidates for your vacancy.  You’ve prepared a detailed job description and person specification.  You’ve put together an attractive reward and benefits package.  You’ve included information about the organisation, its strategic vision, culture and achievements (or have this information easily accessible on the company website).  You’ve highlighted the exciting … Continued

Five Great Articles About Bad Bosses

Talk to most people who have worked for any length of time, and they will have a bad boss story.  It seems that bad bosses are everywhere.  Perhaps it is just that the bad experiences stick in the memory, while good management is taken for granted and only exceptional cases get noticed. No-one sets out … Continued

Empowerment – fool’s gold or the real thing?

Over the years, the term empowerment has become part of everyday management language.  It has all the hallmarks of a winning concept: by giving individuals greater control over decisions that affect their work, they feel more engaged and fulfilled, and at the same time productivity and quality improve.  What’s not to love? On closer inspection … Continued

Five Great Management and Leadership Blogs

Over the last week, I have read many great blogs on leadership and management.  Here is a selection of ones that particularly caught my eye. Conquering a Leadership Paradox by Kevin Eikenberry When someone is promoted to a management position, it is likely this isn’t as a full-time manager/leader, regardless of what the job description … Continued

A passion for management

In the past, when children were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, traditional responses would include becoming a doctor, train driver, pilot and even explorer or astronaut.  Our present fascination with celebrity has possibly moved the emphasis more onto becoming famous, whether as a pop-star, actor or perhaps just for being … Continued

While we’re binning appraisal systems, let’s shred the SMART objectives too

Over the years, a compelling case for abandoning the formal performance appraisal system has been established.  Fred Nickols for example argues that it ‘devours staggering amounts of time and energy, depresses and demotivates people, destroys trust and teamwork and, adding insult to injury, it delivers little demonstrable value at great cost’. Less has been said … Continued

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