Sometimes the smartest people do the stupidest things!

One of my current television addictions is the drama series The Americans. Set in the 1980s, it centres on Elizabeth and Phillip, two KGB officers during the cold war posing as an American married couple in the suburbs of Washington DC. The show is as much about relationships as espionage, with similar issues facing both … Continued

Unstoppable leadership

I recently had a Twitter conversation that started like this: JamesYatesUSD: What does being UNSTOPPABLE mean to you what does it allow you to do? BetterMgr: Being unstoppable would allow me to do anything – is that a good thing? Definitely better than being unstartable though. Being a persistent man, James went on to ask … Continued

Save us from leadership conformity!

It would seem ridiculous to argue that one style of leadership is superior to all others.  Different situations require different approaches, and most people accept that organisations actually benefit from diversity.   But just how different can someone be, or do we still have a very narrow perception of what it takes to be a leader? … Continued

Empowerment – fool’s gold or the real thing?

Over the years, the term empowerment has become part of everyday management language.  It has all the hallmarks of a winning concept: by giving individuals greater control over decisions that affect their work, they feel more engaged and fulfilled, and at the same time productivity and quality improve.  What’s not to love? On closer inspection … Continued

Five Great Management and Leadership Blogs

Over the last week, I have read many great blogs on leadership and management.  Here is a selection of ones that particularly caught my eye. Conquering a Leadership Paradox by Kevin Eikenberry When someone is promoted to a management position, it is likely this isn’t as a full-time manager/leader, regardless of what the job description … Continued

Do senior managers really know the concerns of employees and customers?

There are times when a television programme can give you ideas to help improve the way you work.  One show that consistently delivers a useful message is Undercover Boss, which originated in the UK on Channel Four and has now been rolled out to many other countries.   Each episode follows a senior executive working undercover in … Continued

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