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“Tim helped me develop my leadership style and also increase my confidence in my abilities. After successfully completing his course I went for promotion and got the job! Cannot recommend enough!” – Marketing professional, Higher Education


Management coaching is an extremely cost effective way of focusing on the specific challenges you are facing. It can help you:

Depending on your need, coaching sessions can be booked individually or as a series to help you develop over time.

Case study

An independent and privately owned financial services group was going through a major organisational change, including the acquisition of another company with a significantly different culture. The newly appointed HR Manager identified that some of the middle managers had had little formal management development and required additional support during the period of transition.

Two managers were coached over a number of months, initially for an hour every fortnight, but as their confidence and capability grew, this was replaced with less frequent sessions. Specific operational issues were addressed, with particular emphasis on managing relationships both with direct reports and with the Company Directors. By the end of the coaching sessions, one of these managers was promoted to a Director post and became instrumental in delivering further significant organisational restructuring.

Intensive one-to-ones

These sessions are designed for busy people who want a quick solution to a specific problem. They typically last half a day and can focus on any area of management responsibility, including:

An intensive session can also be used to identify your current management capability, highlighting your strengths and the areas for development.

First 100 Days Coaching Programme

Even after a thorough recruitment process, there are no guarantees that a new member of staff will settle into the organisation. The first three months or so are particularly crucial, as the individual gets to know their boss, the people, the culture and the challenges of the role.

For those taking on increased management and leadership responsibility, this period can be especially challenging. The First 100 Days Coaching Programme is designed to work alongside the organisation’s own induction programme, providing impartial expert support to help the new recruit find their feet effectively and quickly.

The Programme

The programme will be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the individual and the organisation, but will typically include 4 coaching sessions, with additional email and telephone support. The focus will include:


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