A manager by any other name…

I came across yet another article this morning arguing the difference between management and leadership.  This one was called Ten Signs your Boss is a Manager — but not a Leader. It suggests that managers watch people to make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and continues: “The concept of traditional supervision is … Continued

7 ways to get unstuck

The poet Charles Bukowski said “writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all”. So here I am, overcoming my struggle to write my blog by writing about struggling to write my blog – or perhaps about becoming unstuck in general. One of my favourite starting points is to pick a subject and see what … Continued

Deadlines: the ultimate inspiration?

I’m one of those people who needs a deadline; without one, I’d never get anything finished. As a Myers-Briggs practitioner, I know it’s a personality thing, typical of someone with a Perceiving preference. We like to keep things open for as long as we can, exploring options until the last possible minute when we pull everything together in a … Continued

Four things to do with surprising feedback

Every now again someone gives you some feedback that in one way or another completely stumps you. My own particular favourite was someone who wrote on their workshop evaluation sheet “Tim is very tall”! When faced with something as left-field as this, what are your options? 1. Ignore it Sometimes the only sensible thing to do is … Continued

The workplace curmudgeon

I’ve recently been watching re-runs of the TV series House, in which Hugh Laurie plays a prescription drug-dependent, unconventional, misanthropic genius. I’m also been watching the latest series of Sherlock, in which Benedict Cumberbatch plays a drug-dependent, unconventional, misanthropic genius. The similarities are of course deliberate – they even share the address 221b Baker Street, although one’s in … Continued

That old chestnut

One of the things I love about this time of year is gathering conkers. Yes, I may be middle-aged, but there’s something about them that gives me a sense of joy. So much so that I always have a pile of them somewhere in my office. But is hasn’t always been that way. Just over … Continued

Who needs a magic wand?

There are some conversations that stick in your mind. There’s a question or an insight in there that has a life far beyond the moment. One of these happened to me many years ago and involved someone who at the time had much more experience than me as a development professional. The topic was time management, but the lesson … Continued

Bad apples

I was recently talking to a group of managers and the subject of employee engagement cropped up. As often happens, the discussion ended up focusing on ‘getting rid of bad apples’. This seems to place the blame for disengagement firmly in the the employee’s court, with the heroic manager needing to fix it through robust … Continued

Ambition – a strictly men only affair?

My politically-correct sensitivities have been severely challenged this week. The chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi has had to resign after starting a row over sexism in the media industry. He said that the lack of women in leadership roles is not a problem because women have a different type of ambition. He justified this by saying: … Continued

Credibility: 3 articles and a TED talk

Newsletter – 29th July 2016 With recent political events in the UK and the presidential campaign in the US, the spotlight is firmly on who or what makes a credible leader. The discussions are filling hours of TV news coverage and acres of analysis both online and in print. Individuals seem to be investing huge amounts … Continued

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