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An idealist’s favourite reads

I read quite a few management and leadership blogs.  I have to confess I don’t get to the end of every post, but there are some that regularly grab my imagination and can be relied on to get me thinking.   No matter how busy I am, there’s always 10 minutes in the day to sit … Continued

Five Great Articles About Bad Bosses

Talk to most people who have worked for any length of time, and they will have a bad boss story.  It seems that bad bosses are everywhere.  Perhaps it is just that the bad experiences stick in the memory, while good management is taken for granted and only exceptional cases get noticed. No-one sets out … Continued

Five Great Management and Leadership Blogs

Over the last week, I have read many great blogs on leadership and management.  Here is a selection of ones that particularly caught my eye. Conquering a Leadership Paradox by Kevin Eikenberry When someone is promoted to a management position, it is likely this isn’t as a full-time manager/leader, regardless of what the job description … Continued

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