Is diversity just a nice to have?

There have been a few items in the press recently that have made me think about what diversity means to people. The Supreme Court case about triggering Article 50 prompted comments about the lack of diversity in the legal profession. This was shortly followed by former Football Association chiefs calling for change, as the FA is … Continued

Ambition – a strictly men only affair?

My politically-correct sensitivities have been severely challenged this week. The chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi has had to resign after starting a row over sexism in the media industry. He said that the lack of women in leadership roles is not a problem because women have a different type of ambition. He justified this by saying: … Continued

Assessing cultural fit: necessity or a block to diversity?

A while back, I was on a train listening to the conversation of the people immediately behind me. Yes, if you have to talk that loudly, of course I’m going to eavesdrop! Apparently their organisation had called in a marketing company to do a re-branding exercise. As part of getting to know what made the … Continued

The Truth about Millennials

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and then some time later created emoji . One of the most widely translated works in history has been given a 21st-century update with the publication of the Emoji Bible. Described as a great and fun way to share the gospel, it interprets all 66 … Continued

The etiquette of self-disclosure

Looking at people’s profiles on Twitter, I rarely follow anyone who mentions their religion.  Introducing faith so early on gives me the impression that they’re going to preach at me or worse still judge me, both of which make me defensive and uncomfortable.  Does this make me narrow-minded?  Perhaps.  You might actually agree with me, … Continued

Save us from leadership conformity!

It would seem ridiculous to argue that one style of leadership is superior to all others.  Different situations require different approaches, and most people accept that organisations actually benefit from diversity.   But just how different can someone be, or do we still have a very narrow perception of what it takes to be a leader? … Continued

Institutional inertia holding back diversity

Recent reports show that, despite recommendations that companies draw up targets for the number of women on their boards, two-thirds of FTSE 100 companies have failed to do so.  Is however gender diversity at board level a real priority in the current economic climate? The arguments in favour of diversity are well-known.  Research clearly shows … Continued

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