When’s it my turn?

While talking to a colleague about conflict earlier this week, I had a vivid memory of a dilemma my mother once talked about. She was a very capable woman, working for the same company for over 40 years, rising from accounts clerk to Director while raising my brother and me as a single parent. When … Continued

Four things to do with surprising feedback

Every now again someone gives you some feedback that in one way or another completely stumps you. My own particular favourite was someone who wrote on their workshop evaluation sheet “Tim is very tall”! When faced with something as left-field as this, what are your options? 1. Ignore it Sometimes the only sensible thing to do is … Continued

Time to get really angry

People who don’t really know me might be surprised at what a seething mass of anger boils beneath this hugely tolerant exterior. All sorts of things get me going, but most of the time I keep a lid on it and only those closest to me realise that not everything’s as calm as it seems. And … Continued

Influential leadership: how many habits does it take?

What made you open this post? Anyone like me who regularly writes a blog is always interested in that question. One of the factors that undeniably influences people is a catchy title, preferably one that addresses a problem. I quite like posing questions, while others go for the numeric option such as 7 ways to unclog a toilet or 4 steps … Continued

Trust at work

Having completed my planned series on wisdom, courage and compassion at work, a conversation on LinkedIn prompted a new member of the collection (who knows, this series may run and run). I’ve long been a fan of Patrick Lencioni’s leadership fable, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.  In this short engaging book, Lencioni reveals five … Continued

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