What role does intuition play in leadership?

Many years ago, I was a few months into a new job and my manager and I were struggling to communicate. She kept bombarding me with information that made no sense to me whatsoever, and whenever I reported back on a piece of work, she’d double-check every minute detail, leaving me convinced she thought I … Continued

Are extraverts better leaders after all?

I can’t believe I’m actually asking this question. As an introvert myself, and as someone who passionately believes that organisations benefit from diversity, it feels almost like a betrayal of my fundamental values to suggest that extraverts are better at leadership than introverts. And yet, putting aside my own feelings for a moment, I wonder … Continued

More of the same or more of the different?

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” has been attributed to several people, ranging from Henry Ford to various NLP and personal development luminaries.  Going a bit further, Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So with … Continued

How many Es are there in Great Expectations?

I started this morning with a rant, which is not actually how I like to kick off my day. As a vegetarian, I’ve grown used to being treated as a second class citizen when eating out.  I almost always have to check in advance that there’ll be something for me to eat; I’m frequently offered … Continued

An idealist’s favourite reads

I read quite a few management and leadership blogs.  I have to confess I don’t get to the end of every post, but there are some that regularly grab my imagination and can be relied on to get me thinking.   No matter how busy I am, there’s always 10 minutes in the day to sit … Continued

Should managers worry about what others think of them?

I’ve a confession to make. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been obsessing about how I come across to other people. At times it’s felt like a return to adolescence, when I worried endlessly about whether I’d been noticed by those I most wanted to impress, or if in fact they were sniggering behind my … Continued

The latest MBA: Management by App

One of things I’ve discovered since I started blogging and tweeting is how much I enjoy reading what other people have to say for themselves. One of the sites I regularly visit is Inc. – it’s guaranteed to provide something of interest and I frequently tweet links to their articles. For me, the best kind … Continued

No-one could ever call me perfect

It’s Monday morning and I’ve started the week as I mean to go on – being human! I sent out a routine email asking people coming to a meeting later this week to confirm their attendance. Only after I had sent it did I realise that I had accidentally inserted one person’s name into the … Continued

Not just a bunch of wallflowers

Suddenly it seems almost fashionable to be an introvert. Books, articles and lectures are popping up all over the place about the strengths they bring to organisations, and advice on how introverts can manage their careers seems to be becoming more sophisticated than the “pretend to be an extravert” message I’ve heard all my life. … Continued

Unstoppable leadership

I recently had a Twitter conversation that started like this: JamesYatesUSD: What does being UNSTOPPABLE mean to you what does it allow you to do? BetterMgr: Being unstoppable would allow me to do anything – is that a good thing? Definitely better than being unstartable though. Being a persistent man, James went on to ask … Continued

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