Who needs a magic wand?

There are some conversations that stick in your mind. There’s a question or an insight in there that has a life far beyond the moment. One of these happened to me many years ago and involved someone who at the time had much more experience than me as a development professional. The topic was time management, but the lesson … Continued

Bad apples

I was recently talking to a group of managers and the subject of employee engagement cropped up. As often happens, the discussion ended up focusing on ‘getting rid of bad apples’. This seems to place the blame for disengagement firmly in the the employee’s court, with the heroic manager needing to fix it through robust … Continued

Ambition – a strictly men only affair?

My politically-correct sensitivities have been severely challenged this week. The chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi has had to resign after starting a row over sexism in the media industry. He said that the lack of women in leadership roles is not a problem because women have a different type of ambition. He justified this by saying: … Continued

Credibility: 3 articles and a TED talk

Newsletter – 29th July 2016 With recent political events in the UK and the presidential campaign in the US, the spotlight is firmly on who or what makes a credible leader. The discussions are filling hours of TV news coverage and acres of analysis both online and in print. Individuals seem to be investing huge amounts … Continued

Fag Packs, Oscar Wilde and Motivation

Newsletter – 22nd July 2016 I often get surprised by what pops into my head during a coaching session. But the warnings on cigarette packets and Oscar Wilde made an odd combination even for me. I’ve recently been working with someone who wants to change certain habits that he feels are holding him back from … Continued

Those Greta Garbo moments

Travelling back from Belfast recently, I found myself stuck in the airport waiting for a delayed plane.  I was already tired and getting increasingly stressed and irritable. Around me, other passengers were running up and down trying to work out which gate they needed, calming down bored children or just making the most of the facilities. … Continued

Assessing cultural fit: necessity or a block to diversity?

A while back, I was on a train listening to the conversation of the people immediately behind me. Yes, if you have to talk that loudly, of course I’m going to eavesdrop! Apparently their organisation had called in a marketing company to do a re-branding exercise. As part of getting to know what made the … Continued

What’s new in leadership

Newsletter: 10th June 2016 Among the various articles I’ve enjoyed this week was one entitled The Pros and Cons Of New Unconventional Leadership Styles.  It suggests that as company culture changes, some managers are experimenting with unusual leadership styles.  In particular it talks about the pros and cons of three styles: Servant leadership The emotionally transparent … Continued

The Truth about Millennials

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and then some time later created emoji . One of the most widely translated works in history has been given a 21st-century update with the publication of the Emoji Bible. Described as a great and fun way to share the gospel, it interprets all 66 … Continued

Things that have caught my eye

Newsletter: 27th May 2016 Every week I read a lot of articles and blogs, as well as watch a number of videos. I thought you might be interested in seeing some of the ones that I’ve particularly enjoyed this week. The first is an article from Harvard Business Review which reminds us of the role … Continued

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