Bringing out the very best
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I specialise in bringing out the very best in managers. Whether embarking on their first management role, taking on a higher level of responsibility or just dealing with a situation they haven’t encountered before, managers sometimes need support that may not be available within their organisation.

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Management know-how for technical experts

For many of us, professional identity is linked to a specific area of expertise. Our reputation as an accountant, engineer, lawyer, academic, marketing or IT expert is largely dependent on our technical knowledge and skill.

But what happens when we take on a management role?

On the plus side, we have the credibility to lead others in our field. We understand the intricacies of the work and can discuss technical decisions in detail.

But our time also gets taken up with managing performance issues, conflict between team members, overcoming resistance to change and keeping senior management happy.

Technical expertise doesn’t come overnight, and it’s the same with management know-how.

Through trial and error you might learn it in time; or you could use coaching and development to build your management as well as your technical expertise.


For Individuals

Management coaching is an extremely cost effective way of focusing on the specific challenges you are facing. It can help you…

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For teams

Teams sometimes need time away from their day-to-day work to take stock. This is particularly important during periods of change…

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For Organisations

Change can lead to people taking on new roles and responsibilities. At the same time internal resources may be particularly stretched…

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Tim is an exceptional coach who is able, with ease, to get under the skin of an organisation and understand its needs. He shows a high degree of integrity, expertise and business understanding, which when combined makes him a formidable ally in improving Managers in a real and substantial way.

HR Manager (Financial Services)

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