“Tim is an exceptional coach who is able, with ease, to get under the skin of an organisation and understand its needs.  He shows a high degree of integrity, expertise and business understanding, which when combined makes him a formidable ally in improving Managers in a real and substantial way”  

HR Manager (Financial Services)

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Being a manager can be extremely challenging. It involves responsibility for the performance of others, both individually and as teams, but it also often means being accountable for projects, resources, suppliers and the customer experience. Managers need to manage change and conflict, while providing leadership and juggling priorities.

“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science and craft meet”   

Henry Mintzberg

I specialise in bringing out the very best in managers.  Whether embarking on their first management role, taking on a higher level of responsibility or just dealing with a situation they haven’t encountered before, managers sometimes need support that may not be available within their organisation.

100 DaysYour First 100 Days is a coaching package to support you during the critical first few months in your new management role.  This provides impartial expert support to help you find your feet effectively and quickly and includes:

  • Relationships with key stakeholders
  • Managing performance
  • Understanding the organisation and adjusting to its culture